Hi, I'm Yuki!

Full Stack Developer with an eye for design.


Yuki(Xue) Yao

I'm a Full Stack Developer with strong background in E-commerce and SaaS.
Through years of experience at tech startups and Fortune 500, I utilized vast knowledge to analyze, communicate, improve, and resolve product and operation issues.

Programming Language: JavaScript, Ruby, HTML, CSS
Frameworks and Libraries: React, Ruby on Rails, Redux, jQuery, Gatsby, Semantic UI
Database Management System: PostgreSQL
Design: Adobe Photoshop, Sketch
Language: English - fluent, Mandarin - native



Recent Projects

Resources Xchange

Resources Xchange is a platform that introduces a new way of learning skills. You can find skills that you are interested in and request a learning exchange with your current skills.

Built with Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, Google Map Javascript API, JWT.

Demo account | username: yukiyao, password: 111

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Project Planner

Project Planner is a tool that allows you to track your current projects.It allows you to browse, search, sort, create, edit current projects. As well as view the details, add and delete notes.

Built with RoR API, React, Semantic-UI, CSS.

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Portland ME Weather

Real time Portland Maine weather display and conversion.

Built with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, OpenWeather API.

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Personal Portfolio

Wonder How I built this a blazing fast online portfolio? Gatsby! Check out my Github for details.

Read my recent post about it.

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